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Air Cooled Ozone generators     
IN USA's AC series of Ozone Generators offer state-of-the-art silent corona discharge technology in one of the most compact systems on the market today. It is a unique parallel plate ceramic based industrial grade ozone generator capable of producing over 80 g/hr (4.5 lbs/day) with concentrations in excess of 200 g/Nm3 (14 %w/w). This makes our generator the producer of the highest ozone concentrations in its class. Some of its main features include:
  State-of-the-Art Silent Corona Discharge
  Compact size
  Option for Rugged Stainless Steel NEMA 4X enclosure or 19" rack mount
  Highest ozone concentrations in its class
  Air Cooled (NO need for chiller)
  Local and Remote Mode Operations
  Option for Skid Mount
  Low cost of Ownership
For more information on IN USA's ozone delivery systems, please complete our Information Request Form, or contact IN USA via e-mail or phone.


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