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IN USA is a pioneer in the field of light absorption based instrumentation. By combining the distinctive features exhibited by different chemistries in the absorption spectrum with our expertise in engineering and material science along with our manufacturing capabilities, IN USA has developed a broad suite of instruments and sensors for gases and specialty chemistries.

IN USA's in-house staff of technical personnel has proven capabilities in the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical, software, manufacturing, and optics engineering. This competence along with our manufacturing proficiency is at the heart of our products and services

  Measuring specialty industrial gases and effluents
  Measuring ozone gas for process control and safety monitoring
  Generating ultra clean, high purity and high concentration ozone gas ideal for a a wide range of process applications
  Designing and building optical benches and spectrophotometers suitable to operate in a broad electromagnetic band, from UV to Visible, to Near Infrared (NIR) to Far Infrared (FIR)
  Designing and building “smart” sensors and instruments using advanced software engineering with custom embedded applications
  Optimal packaging design for high reliability in very demanding industrial applications
  Optimal manufacturing engineering, to ensure fast ramp up and timely and quality shipments
  Systems integration - designing and building custom delivery system for ozone and other gases
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