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IN USA's OPTI-Sense series of Sensors use state of the art non-dispersive infrared absorption technology to measure specialty gases that are strong absorbers of infrared light.

The OPTI-Sense Sensors are custom tailored to measure different specialty gases typically found in Semiconductor, Solar, Food and Beverage applications just to name a few. The sensor is typically installed in situ to monitor and control the process gases to optimize the application.

The OPTI-Sense Sensors are also custom tailored to measure and control the concentration of different hazardous gases that are typically infrared light absorbers. Such gases are the PFC's and HFC's and most of the other Green House Gases that are effluents from abatement systems. The OPTI-Sense is ideal for measuring the concentration of such gases to ensure EPA regulatory compliance.

The OPTI-Sense series of Sensors have proven themselves and are already in use measuring different gases such as SiFx, CFx, CxFy, CO, Co2, SFx, NF3 and many others.

Typical product features include:

  Compact and no moving parts
  Non dispersive Infra-red technology
  Real time graphical user interface
  Fast response time
  Analog and digital interface


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