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A common application for a high concentration ozone analyzer is to monitor and control high ozone generator output. The required ozone purity, concentration, and output flow rate determine the requirements for both the ozone generator and the ozone analyzer. The ozone analyzer must accurately monitor and control the ozone generator output in order to provide reliable downstream process control and to ensure efficient ozone generator operation.

IN USA offers several analyzers to measure high ozone concentrations. Most models use the proven UV (ultraviolet) absorption technique to make the measurement. The gFFOZ and Mini Hi-Con analyzers use IN USA's patented dual-path UV measurement technique, which has no moving parts and has revolutionized ozone measurement by virtually eliminating the need for a reference measurement.

Typical product features include:

  Ozone measurement from 0 to 900 g/m3
  In-line/full-flow or side-stream operation
  Units of measurement g/m3, g/Nm3, %w/w, %v/v, ppmv
  Built-in ozone destruct capability
  Pressure, temperature, and molecular weight compensation
  Microprocessor-based electronics
  Analog and digital outputs
  Semiconductor-grade wetted materials for high purity applications
  Wall, bench top, panel-mount, and rack-mount configurations
  Ultra-compact enclosures
  CE compliance
For more information on IN USA's high concentration ozone analyzers, please complete our Information Request Form, or contact IN USA via e-mail or phone.


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