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The measurement of ozone in off-gas is challenging, primarily because the off-gas sample is wet and saturated with water vapor. IN USA offers several analyzers and sampling conditioning systems that can continuously monitor ozone concentration in off-gas and provide automatic control of equipment, such as ozone generators and alarms. All analyzers use the proven UV (ultraviolet) absorption technique to make the measurement. Some models use IN USA's patented dual-path UV measurement technique, which has revolutionized ozone measurement by virtually eliminating the need for a reference measurement.

In most off-gas applications, IN USA provides a complete sampling and conditioning system that:

draws the sample gas into the analyzer, via built-in pump and flowmeter
removes water droplets and mist from the sample
removes water vapor and lowers the sample gas dew point
provides continuous and low maintenance gas sampling
Typical product features include:

  Ozone measurement from 0 to 10000 ppmv (~21.5 g/m3)
  Units of measurement g/m3, g/Nm3, %w/w, %v/v, ppmv
  Ozone destruct unit on exhaust stream
  Pressure, temperature, and molecular weight compensation
  Microprocessor-based electronics
  Analog and digital outputs
  Wall, bench top and rack-mount configurations
  CE compliance
For more information on IN USA's off-gas ozone analyzers, please complete our Information Request Form, or contact IN USA via e-mail or phone.


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