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IN USA's advanced ozone destruct systems eliminate excess ozone in off-gas produced in a wide variety of applications, including: semiconductor wafer manufacturing; municipal water; ultrapure water; wastewater treatment; corona treatment; and chemical processing.

IN USA's ozone destruct systems use a catalyst to decompose ozone to safe levels via the exothermic conversion of ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2). Our systems can handle inlet ozone concentrations from 1 to 20% by weight, and are designed to meet and exceed OSHA/TLV requirements to ensure workplace safety.

For special applications, IN USA can provide alternative ozone destruct systems, including thermal destruct units.

Typical product features include:

  Welded Fittings
  Catalyst-based or thermal-based ozone destruction
  Rapid reaction time
  Environmentally-safe byproducts
  Hydrophobic barriers (catalyst-based)
  Room-temperature operation
  Optional heating
  Simple installation
  Designing and building hazardous gases destruct systems
  Low cost of ownership
For more information on IN USA's ozone destruct systems, please complete our Information Request Form, or contact IN USA via e-mail or phone.  
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