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Ozone monitors

Above certain concentration levels, ozone is a toxic and corrosive gas. Therefore, it is important to have ozone monitors which can detect ozone leaks in the workplace and to measure ambient (TLV) ozone levels. Ozone monitors and leak detectors are typically used in areas around ozone generators, gas chambers, vent gas (post-destruct) systems, gas delivery systems, and inside semiconductor tools.

IN USA offers a complete line of ozone monitors to measure ambient ozone and detect ozone leaks. We also offer a portable, battery-operated ozone monitor that features a solid-state ozone sensor. Some models employ a patented ratiometric ozone measurement technique that pinpoints the exact location of a leak in applications with several potential leak sources.

Ozone monitors from IN USA are able measure ozone in both gas and liquid phases from ppb levels to concentrations as high as 900 g/m3. Single-channel and multi-channel models are available and all models use the proven UV (ultraviolet) absorption technique to monitor ozone levels in a variety of liquid and gaseous environments. UV absorption is an absolute measurement, which is selective to ozone, and provides a fast, reliable and stable indication of ozone concentration.

Some ozone monitors are designed for ozone measurement in ultrapure and deionized water (or other liquids) and can be installed in-line in a full-flow, single pass or recirculating stream. Other models are ideal for harsh and dirty applications such as wastewater or other liquids with large amounts of particulates. In this case, a side-stream measurement is ideal for sampling.

Dissolved ozone meters

Whether the application involves the measurement of dissolved ozone in ultrapure water or in wastewater, IN USA has several dissolved ozone analyzers to meet the requirements. IN USA's dissolved ozone analyzers measure ozone from ppb levels up to 150 ppm or more. Some models of ozone meters use IN USA's patented dual-path UV measurement technique, which has revolutionized ozone measurement by virtually eliminating the need for a reference measurement.

High concentration ozone monitors

A common application for high concentration ozone monitors is to measure and control ozone generator output. IN USA 's high concentration ozone monitors are designed to monitor ozone generator output up to 900 g/m3. Our high concentration ozone monitors can be used in-line with full flow for ultrapure applications and also side-stream with reduced flow. The required ozone purity, concentration, and output flow rate determine the requirements for both the ozone generator and the ozone analyzer.

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