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IN USA Inc. designs and manufacturers Ozone Test Chambers for various applications including the following:

  Colorfastness Testing of Textiles (AATCC Method 109)
  Image Permanence Testing of photographic paper
  Weathering of Rubber and Cables
  Other testing for environmental exposure
The OTC-1 consists of the following modules:

  Ozone Generating Module
  Ozone Monitoring Module
  Test Chamber Module
  Ozone Scrubber
  Safety Interlocks Module
The Ozone Monitoring and Ozone Generating Modules work together via a closed-loop servo control to provide highly stable, NIST traceable ozone concentrations typically in the range of 0.1 - 5.0 ppm. The OTC-1 can be programmed to run automatically and unattended with user-specified parameters for ozone concentration, test start time, and test duration.

The OTC-1 is constructed of stainless steel and is equipped with a rotating carousel that accommodates multiple specimens. All the wetted materials in the chamber are ozone compatible and this prevents any potential for corrosion over time. The chamber is provided with a glass-viewing window and is completely sealed for safe operation.

Typical features include the following:

  Closed-loop servo control ensures highly stable ozone concentration levels
  Simple menu driven display
  Unprecedented uniform exposure of all specimens using a rotating carousel
  Integrated ozone destructor with built-in safety interlocks
  No separate exhaust hood required
  Ozone resistant wetted materials
  Analog and digital output capability
  Calibration traceable to NIST
  Highly accurate UV based ozone analyzer for stable ozone concentration readings
  Designed to meet AATCC Method 109
For more information on IN USA's Ozone Test Chambers, please complete our Information Request Form, or contact IN USA via e-mail or phone.


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