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For Pharmaceutical Applications

The dFFOZ-TR Trace Dissolved Ozone Analyzer is an innovative light absorption technology (Optics) based ozone monitoring system designed for monitoring trace levels of ozone concentrations in Ultra pure water in the ppb levels. The dFFOZ-TR is ideal for monitoring residual ozone levels in post injection and post UV USP water loops in Bio-pharm and pharmaceuticals applications and in Ultra pure water (UPW) in semiconductor applications. Engineered for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance, the analyzer requires no consumables- electrolytes or membranes and has no moving parts. Key technical advantages include extreme sensitivity, drift-free stability and immunity to cross interference from gases other than ozone.

The Model dFFOZ-TR system includes IN USA's microprocessor based MiniSCI-N controller. The controller is housed in a compact, wall mount NEMA 4x enclosure and features a backlit Alphanumeric LCD display, opto-isolated 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA analog outputs, bi-directional RS-232 digital interface, 3 user programmable alarms and a remote AutoZero capability.


  Light absorption technology
  Sensitive to traces of Ozone in water in the ppb levels
  No consumables electrolytes or membranes
  No moving parts, no routine maintenance
  Highly stable measurement
  Immune to cross interferences
  Analog and digital interfaces


  USP/UPW Water Loops
  CIP (Clean-In-Place) System
  Post Ozone injection
  Post UV radiation

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