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IN USA Introduces New OG-5000 High Purity Ozone Generator for Semiconductor Applications
 November 13, 2003

Needham, Massachusetts, USA ?" IN USA Inc., a leading manufacturer of Ozone (O3) monitoring and control instrumentation, announces the introduction of its patent pending Series OG-5000 Ozone Generators, designed to produce high purity ozone gas at very high concentrations for a variety of semiconductor manufacturing applications. These applications include Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD); Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD); Oxide growth; Surface conditioning; Ashing; Wet Processing; Particle Cleaning; Photoresist Removal; Epitaxy; and others.

Ozone gas is generated in the OG-5000 series by means of controlled electrical discharge. The addition of ppm levels of a "doping" or "spiking" gas increases the ozone production in the OG-5000 and, most importantly, ensures the stability of the ozone concentration over time. The unique design of the OG-5000 series generator combined with the unique materials used in the construction of the generating cells delivers an ozone-oxygen mixture of the highest purity and concentrations in the market.

The OG-5000 series of ozone generators are very compact and modular. This modular construction allows for the generator to be easily configured to meet a wide range of application and budget requirements. The OG-5000 series of generators are priced very competitively with the added benefit of requiring no consumables bringing the cost of ownership considerably down.

The OG-5000 series is available as a stand-alone ozone generator, or as part of a complete turnkey integrated ozone gas or DIO3 water delivery systems (Model ODS series).

IN USA, Inc. offers a complete line of ozone analyzers, monitors, sensors, destructs and controllers for gas or liquid phase measurements and a family of complete turnkey ozone gas or DIO3 water delivery systems. For more information, visit or contact the company at 9970 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131, USA
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