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Summary: IN USA announces the newest in dissolved ozone measuring equipment, the dFFOZTR Trace Dissolved Ozone Analyzer. This state-of-the-art equipment measures even the lowest ppb levels of dissolved ozone and is immune to other gasses, greatly reducing the risk of false alarms and improving data collection.

Dissolved Ozone Analyzer for USP and Ultrapure Water Applications Introduced by IN USA Corp.
january 18, 2008

Norwood, Massachusetts, USA – The new dFFOZTR Trace Dissolved Ozone Analyzer from IN USA Inc. is an ozone specific measuring instrument that accurately reads and measures low concentrations of dissolved ozone at the ppb level for ultrapure water applications. This sensor is best suited for continuous measurement of traces of dissolved or residual ozone in USP and Ultrapure water in BioPharmaceutical and Semiconductor applications. It is ideal for measuring residual ozone in pre-destruct and post-destruct water loops where the concentrations are typically low, in the single ppb levels.

The Model dFFOZTR uses patented ultraviolet (UV) light absorption technology to achieve accurate, stable readings down to the single digit ppb levels. Unlike conventional electrochemical-based ozone sensing devices, the dFFOZTR is extremely sensitive and drift-free. Due to its UV absorption technique, it is highly specific to dissolved or residual ozone and immune to cross interference from other gases. This ability eliminates the likelihood of false alarms, which can unnecessarily interrupt production cycles.

The dFFOZTR is rugged and reliable, with no moving parts to fail. It is environmentally protected in a compact NEMA4X enclosure and does not require periodic maintenance, thus delivering a lower cost of ownership. Unlike electrochemical sensors, the dFFOZTR requires no consumables such as electrolytes and membranes, the most frequently replaced components in electrochemical sensors. Its UV lamp is easy to replace and provides a service life up to eighteen (18) months.

With the dFFOZTR IN USA offers a dedicated MiniSCIN controller. The MiniSCIN is a microprocessor-based system housed in a very compact wall mount Nema 4X enclosure. The MiniSCIN is configured with a super clear alphanumeric display and includes analog and digital interface, as well as three user-programmable alarm relays.

IN USA, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of advanced ozone instrumentation and control systems. IN USA, Inc. offers a complete line of instruments for ozone measurement in air and liquid phases. For more information, visit, or contact the company at: 9970 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92131, USA Toll free: 1-800-798-4029, Phone: (1) 781-444-2929, Email:
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