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Model gFFOZ™ In-Situ, Full-Flow Ozone Sensor
September 15, 1997

IN USA, Inc. has recently introduced the Model gFFOZ™, a state-of-the-art ozone sensor designed for in-situ, full-flow monitoring of process ozone. The Model gFFOZ sensor is ideal for in-line monitoring and control of ozone generator output, and measuring ozone in semiconductor tools, ultrapure water systems, pharmaceutical processing, water treatment applications, and many other industrial processes involving high concentrations of ozone.

The Model gFFOZ sensor is designed to be installed directly in-line in a process stream at the gas delivery point, and provides continuous, in-situ measurement of ozone at concentrations up to 400 g/Nm3 (grams per Normal cubic meter), equivalent to 900g/m3 (grams per cubic meter) or 26% w/w (per cent by weight) at sample pressures of 2.5 atmospheres. It can be installed in-line in a full-flow process stream at flow rates from as low as 0.2 SLPM (standard liters per minute) up to 15 SLPM or more. The Model gFFOZ sensor uses high-purity wetted materials and is "clean-ready" for semiconductor processes.

The Model gFFOZ sensor utilizes UV (ultraviolet) absorption to make an absolute, high-accuracy measurement of ozone concentration that is ozone specific and automatically compensated for sample pressure and sample temperature. It incorporates IN USA 's innovative dual optical-path sample sensing technology to provide unparalleled performance and eliminate the need for a reference gas measurement.

The Model gFFOZ is a "smart", plug-in sensor with stored, on-board calibration data, and is quickly and easily installed for operation with IN USA 's CE-compliant SCI-Mux or Mini-SCI controllers. The Model SCI-Mux controller interconnects with up to four IN USA ozone sensors and provides four independent, adaptive control loops that allow it to servo control the output of four ozone generators simultaneously. The Model Mini-SCI controller provides single-channel, microprocessor-based control, display, and output capabilities.

The Model gFFOZ ozone sensor is the latest addition to the advanced line of ozone instrumentation designed and manufactured by IN USA, Inc. in Needham, MA. IN USA, Inc. is a recognized world leader in Ozone Instrumentation and Control and offers a complete line of instruments for measurement of ozone in gas and liquid phases, including process ozone (high concentrations), ambient TLV ozone (low concentrations), stack gas ozone (low concentrations), and dissolved ozone in water (low to high concentrations).
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