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Series H High Concentration Process Ozone Analyzers
October 6, 1996

IN USA, Inc. has introduced the Series H, a line of continuous, on-line ozone analyzers designed specifically to measure high concentrations of process ozone up to 400 g/Nm3 (grams per Normal cubic meter), equivalent to 900g/m3 (grams per cubic meter) or 26% w/w (per cent by weight) at sample pressures of 2.5 atmospheres.

Ozone is now being used in a wide variety of semiconductor processes, including CVD TEOS/Ozone; Dry Ashing; Wet Bench Cleaning (using ozone as a replacement for H2O2); and Ultrapure Water (using ozone or UV/ozone). The Series H is ideal for measuring ozone generator output and performance, determining ozone production, monitoring ozone off-gas at the contactor exhaust, and providing automatic control of ozone processes and equipment.

The Series H combines an innovative single-beam UV (ultraviolet) sensor design, continuous sample flow, automatic pressure and temperature compensation, extended measuring range, microprocessor-based measurement and control circuitry, and numerous other features to achieve a level of performance that sets a new industry standard for high-concentration process ozone measurement.

The Series H UV absorption cell makes an absolute measurement of ozone concentration that is ozone specific and is not affected by background contaminants in the sample gas. Unlike prism-based optical technologies, the Series H uses a single-beam optical system with no solenoid valves or wetted moving parts. The single-beam optical system provides high reliability and drift-free performance. It also allows an uninterrupted flow of sample gas, which results in faster speed of response and permits in-line ozone measurement at high pressure with no back-pressure loading on the ozone generator. For process ozone measurement, changes in the pressure or temperature of the sample gas can have significant effects on the accuracy of the reading. The Series H can be configured with pressure and temperature sensors to provide continuous, on-line compensation for variations in sample pressure between 1 and 2 atmospheres, temperature, and molecular weight. This gives the ozone measurement independence from varying process conditions, provides true % w/w measurement capability, and provides the Series H with a 5-10% increase in accuracy versus analyzers that only measure ambient or atmospheric pressure.

The Series H is designed for versatility and ease of use in a wide variety of installations. Standard features include an alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display, 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA analog outputs, bi-directional RS232 digital communications, and two programmable FORM C alarm relays. The Series H is supplied in bench-top, 19" rack, and NEMA-4X/IP65 mounting configurations.

The Series H is part of the AFX Series of ozone instrumentation designed and manufactured by IN USA, Inc. in Needham, MA. IN USA, Inc. is a recognized world leader in Ozone Instrumentation and Control and offers a complete line of instruments for measurement of ozone in air and liquid phases, including process ozone (high concentrations), ambient ozone (low concentrations), stack gas ozone (low concentrations), and dissolved ozone in water.
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