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RB Series Multi-Channel Ozone Alarm Control System
June 14, 1996

IN USA, Inc. has recently introduced the RB Series, an advanced, three- or five-channel Alarm Control System that interfaces directly with their multi-channel Series IN-2000 TLV Ozone Analyzer. The RB Series provides the Series IN-2000 with sophisticated alarm and control capabilities, and enables the user to quickly and easily pinpoint ozone leaks at multiple remote locations.

The combination of the RB Series and the multi-channel Series IN-2000 is designed for use in water and wastewater treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, and many other industries in a wide variety of safety-related applications. It is a cost-effective solution for measuring TLV ozone levels in multiple areas around generators, process chambers, gas exhaust systems, and enclosed gas delivery systems in order to monitor worker exposure to ozone to meet OSHA requirements (0.3 ppm short-term TLV; 0.1 ppm long-term TLV), detect leaks, and provide automatic control of processes and equipment.

The RB Series provides three FORM C alarm relay contacts for each channel of the IN-2000 Ozone Analyzer and an isolated 4-20 mA output that is linear with ozone concentration for the currently "active" channel. Two of the alarm relays are for channel HI/LO alarm limits. The HI/LO alarm setpoints are independently programmable via the IN-2000 front-panel keypad, and each alarm can be designated as latching or non-latching. The third alarm relay and a front panel visual indicator provide channel ID information for the active channel. The channel ID information, in conjunction with the 4-20 mA output, gives the user a detailed, continuous picture of the ozone concentration at each remote sample point.

The RB Series is designed for versatility in a wide variety of applications and environments. It includes the Model RB-3L, three-channel version and the Model RB-5L five-channel version. Both models can be retrofitted to Series IN-2000 Analyzers already in the field. The RB Series is supplied in 19" rack or NEMA-4X/IP65 wall mounting configurations and is available for 110 or 220 VAC operation.

The RB Series is part of the AFX® Series of ozone instrumentation designed and manufactured by IN USA, Inc. in Needham, MA. IN USA, Inc. is a recognized world leader in Ozone Instrumentation and Control and offers a complete line of instruments for measurement of ozone in air and liquid phases, including process ozone (high concentrations), ambient ozone (low concentrations), stack gas ozone (low concentrations), and dissolved ozone in water.
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