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Model SCI-Mux™ Ozone Sensor Interface and Generator Controller
January 5, 1998

IN USA, Inc. has recently introduced the Model SCI-Mux™, a microprocessor-based, four-channel ozone measurement and control system. The Model SCI-Mux controller is ideal for monitoring and controlling process ozone in both gas and liquid phases, and provides:

• Distributed ("node") ozonation control
• Programmable ozone generator servo-control setpoints
• Microprocessor-based "intelligent" operation

The Model SCI-Mux controller interconnects with up to four IN USA ozone sensors simultaneously. For example, it can be interfaced with IN USA's Model gFFOZ™ sensor to provide in-situ measurement of process ozone up to 900 g/m3, or Model dFFOZ™ sensor to provide in-situ measurement of dissolved ozone up to 150 mg/L, or any combination of these sensors. The Model SCI-Mux controller provides four independent, adaptive control loops that enable it to interface with four ozone generators and servo-control their outputs. Using a proprietary internal control loop and algorithm, the Model SCI-Mux can servo the generator output based upon an input from an interconnected IN USA, Inc. ozone sensor (gas-phase or liquid-phase) and a user-entered control setpoint.

The Model SCI-Mux utilizes a powerful microprocessor and non-volatile memory to provide state-of-the-art control capabilities and convenient operation. The on-board, non-volatile memory permits storage of all user-programmable parameters, including alarm thresholds, servo-control setpoints, and the host communication interface.

The Model SCI-Mux controller provides a wide range of analog and digital input/output (I/O) capabilities. It includes an alphanumeric, vacuum-fluorescent display which provides information for all four channels simultaneously. A 5-key keypad is provided for local operator interface and setpoint programming. Also provided is an RS232-C bi-directional communication interface with a versatile command set and software to connect the Model SCI-Mux to a host and allow remote interfacing.

The Model SCI-Mux controller is suitable for measuring gas- and liquid-phase ozone concentration in a wide variety of industrial applications. It is ideal for semiconductor processes such as CVD, wet bench etching and cleaning, flat panel display processing, ultrapure water, and many other processes.

The Model SCI-Mux controller is the latest addition to the advanced line of ozone instrumentation designed and manufactured by IN USA, Inc. in Needham, MA. IN USA, Inc. is a recognized world leader in Ozone Instrumentation and Control and offers a complete line of instruments for measurement of ozone in gas and liquid phases, including process ozone (high concentrations), ambient TLV ozone (low concentrations), stack gas ozone (low concentrations), and dissolved ozone in water (low to high concentrations).
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