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Ozone Analyzers - IN USA manufactures a variety of ozone monitoring instruments to measure ozone in both gas and liquid phases from ppb levels to concentrations as high as 900 g/m3. Single-channel and multichannel models are available - all models use the proven UV (ultraviolet) absorption technique to make the measurement. UV absorption is an absolute measurement, is selective to ozone, and provides a fast, reliable and stable indication of ozone concentration. The EPA, ASTM, NIST, and IOA recognize this technique as the reference method for ozone in air measurements.
High Concentration Ozone Analyzers - IN USA 's high concentration ozone analyzers are designed to monitor ozone generator output up to 900 g/m3. Our high concentration analyzers can be used in-line with full flow for ultrapure applications and also side-stream with reduced flow.
Off-gas Ozone Analyzers - IN USA 's off-gas ozone analyzers use a custom-designed ozone sampling and conditioning system that removes water droplets and water vapor from the inlet sample gas and destroys ozone in the gas stream exhaust.
Ozone Safety Analyzers and Ozone Leak Detectors - IN USA 's ozone safety analyzers (TLV/ambient) are ideal for measuring ozone leaks in the workplace and inside semiconductor tools. Our hand-held, battery-operated spot checkers are compact, lightweight, and easy to use.
Dissolved Ozone Analyzers - IN USA 's dissolved ozone analyzers measure dissolved ozone from ppb levels up to 150 ppm. Our dissolved ozone analyzers can be used in-line in re-circulating streams and also in side-stream configurations.
Ozone Controller Systems - IN USA 's ozone controller systems provide microprocessor-based ozone measurement and ozone generator control in both gas and liquid phases simultaneously. Our ozone controller systems feature multiple inputs and outputs and multiple, independent servo-loop control.
Ozone Generators - IN USA offers a range of Ozone Generators that are designed to generate ultra clean, high purity and high concentration ozone gas that is ideal for a wide range of process applications.
Air Cooled Ozone Generators - IN USA AC series ozone generators offer state-of-the-art silent corona discharge technology in a very compact package. It is an industrial grade ozone generator based on a proprietary ceramic plate technology capable of producing very high concentrations.
Water Cooled Ozone Generators - - IN USA OG-5000 series (patent pending) of Ozone Generators is designed to produce ultra clean, high purity and very high concentration ozone gas that is ideal for a wide range of Semiconductor and photovoltaic process applications.
Ozone Delivery Systems - IN USA offers a variety of ozone delivery systems. These systems combine multiple ozone generators and servo-loop control with IN USA 's advanced ozone monitoring instrumentation to provide a low-cost, turnkey system that can be customized to meet your requirements.
Ozone Destruct Systems - IN USA 's advanced ozone destruct systems decompose ozone to safe levels via the catalytic conversion of ozone (O3) to oxygen (O2). We also offer destruct systems that are based on thermal decomposition of ozone. Our systems can handle most ozone destruction requirements and are designed for TLV and OSHA compliance.
Ozone Test Chamber - IN USA 's ozone test chamber tests textile samples for colorfastness to ozone exposure according to the requirements of AATCC Test Method 109. The ozone test chamber is suitable for a variety of dry and wet process textile applications.
Methyl Iodide Analyzer - IN USA's methyl iodide analyzer uses the latest UV absorption technique to continuously monitor ppmv levels of methyl iodide in the gas phase. Our analyzer provides an accurate and reliable means of monitoring leaks to ensure workplace safety and environmental control.
Hydrogen Peroxide - IN USA's hydrogen peroxide sensor uses a UV absorption technique to continuously measure levels in a wide range of applications. Our analyzer provides an unparalleled performance and is ideal for industrial In-situ as well as inline monitoring.
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